Templar Downie behind T-Mobile campaigns

High-visibility, branded marketing is the hallmark of T-Mobile’s customer campaigns which also extends to its internal communications.

When T-Mobile wanted to promote its training programmes to staff, the campaign had to reflect the key brand quality of ‘simplicity’. Crucially it also had to incorporate both the ‘digit’ system and photographic imagery consistent with the brand’s visual concept.

Templar Downie’s “Upwardly mobile” campaign successfully conveyed the compelling message that T-Mobile employees could take control of their careers through the company’s Learning and Development Centre.

Via a poster campaign and accompanying booklet, the message was aimed at all UK employees. The design highlighted the experiences of individuals who had successfully taken advantage of the opportunities within the company, and left readers with the message that the door was open.

The result? Significantly raised awareness of the company’s training opportunities and a subtle reinforcement of T-Mobile’s brand values.