Exploring the Icelandic highlands shouldn't consume all your time

Exploring the Icelandic highlands shouldn’t consume all your time

Garðabær, Iceland, 31.05.2024 – One of Iceland’s biggest attractions is its breathtaking landscape. Many people visit the country yearly to explore and take in all the island wilderness offers. But that can be time-consuming and difficult. Now, a great opportunity has opened for those who wish to dive deep into Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes without sacrificing the chance to explore other attractions. 

“We believe that exploring the Icelandic highlands shouldn’t consume all your time for other activities in our stunning country,” says co-founder of Backroads Iceland, Óla Pálsdóttir, and continues; “That’s why we designed our tours to be completed in half a day or less than 24 hours while ensuring your safety with our experienced guides and well-maintained 4×4 vehicles.”

Therefore, Backroads Iceland recently announced the launch of special tours for adventure seekers who yearn to experience the raw beauty of the Icelandic highlands like never before. With an emphasis on maximizing visitor enjoyment while minimizing time commitment, Backroads Iceland now offers a range of tours that can be completed in half a day or less than 24 hours.

“This will allow our guests to experience more in less time, leaving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy everything else Iceland has to offer,” says Óla and continues, “We believe many visitors to our country miss out on what we love most: a genuine off-road adventure on mountain roads paired with an activity and a night in an Icelandic mountain hut.”

In that way, people can enjoy breathtaking views, a great BBQ, and a cold beer for a memorable experience.  All this takes place in the beautiful Iceland highland with a stay in a cozy mountain hut. “This is what my family and I have been doing for decades, just for fun – and we noticed it was missing from Icelandic tourism offerings. So, we decided to fill that gap by creating Backroads Iceland”, Óla adds.

Some of the critical highlights of Backroads Iceland include customized 4×4 vehicle tours led by experienced guides, half-day and sub-24-hour tours that fit easily into any travel itinerary, overnight stays in authentic Icelandic mountain huts for a genuine local experience, and activities tailored to showcase the best of the Icelandic wilderness, including spectacular BBQs and scenic explorations.

All activities occur within a reasonable distance of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, allowing less time spent in the car and more time to experience things while minimizing travel time.

“We may not have invented the mountains,” Ola says, “but we have enjoyed them for a long time. Most of us have been exploring the mountains since our early teens, and believe it or not, four members of our family are members of local search and rescue.  We deeply understand the local culture and are dedicated to providing visitors with an authentic and unforgettable Icelandic experience, ensuring your safety and enjoyment at every step.”

This story is a part of the 100 Stories from Iceland.

About Backroads Iceland

Backroads Iceland is a tourist company that is an expert in creating short, mighty adventures that offer a thrilling experience in a short time. With their custom 4×4 vehicles and knowledgeable guides, people will explore beyond the usual tourist paths and spend a night like a local in a mountain hideaway close to the capital. Their experience is unique as it covers many things that would typically take you days – but in Backroads Iceland’s case, it lasts less than 24 hours and can include a private stay in a genuine Icelandic mountain hut. Experience Iceland’s best—a 4×4 adventure with activities and fun, giving you more time to do other things while enjoying our beautiful country.


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