Obeo Travel Helps a Visually-Impaired Girl See an Erupting Volcano in Iceland

A Dream Come True: Obeo Travel Helps a Visually-Impaired Girl See an Erupting Volcano in Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland, 13.05.2024 – Iceland, the land of Fire and Ice, has been a stage for nature’s dramatic and powerful performances in recent years. Since March 2021, volcanic eruptions have painted the Reykjanes peninsula with e, occurring seven times. These eruptions, initially remote, drew closer to the village of Grindavik in 2023, with lava flowing toward the town and the iconic Blue Lagoon, leading to their temporary closure. This dynamic landscape sets the stage for the unique and awe-inspiring experiences Obeo Travel offers.

When an 8-year-old girl from the UK who will eventually lose sight because of an illness expressed her desire to see an active eruption with her own eyes, her parents knew they needed a travel company that understood and respected her unique needs and desires. They contacted Obeo Travel in Iceland, a company with a proven track record of delivering personalized travel experiences.

“It is important to note that the girl had limited mobility, and it would therefore prove impossible to show her the volcano from elsewhere than above, “says Rannveig Snorradottir, one of the owners of  Obeo Travel. 

Obeo Travel, a family-run DMC, has offered Icelandic experiences to customers for eight years. They are passionate, creative, and resilient with the ever-changing dramas of Icelandic weather. “Winter season is trendy for our clientele, and here we prove our worth, working around our weather conditions every day, changing Northern Lights tours, amending programs due to road closures, etc,” says Rannveig. The latest volcanic activity on Reykjanes Peninsula is another customer satisfaction challenge. “While the Blue Lagoon closes, we find alternative lagoons for our guests. Not to mention the opportunities of showing our customers an erupting volcano with their own eyes!”

Volcanic eruptions are strictly limited to the Reykjanes Peninsula, a tiny part of the country. Icelanders are highly used to Icelandic landscapes and know how to keep everyone safe during volcanic eruptions. The area is closed when authorities deem it so. Still, the rest of the country is perfectly safe, with the international airport operating as usual and all other scheduled tours (Golden Circle, South Coast, Snorkelling, etc.). 

Rannveig says that as a family-run company, Obeo Travel seeks every opportunity to show its visitors the best of the country. “While the volcanic eruptions may seem dangerous, they aren’t as long as you trust the professionals and abide by the rules.” She says helicopter flights over the eruptions are increasingly popular and that Obeo Travel has booked numerous guests for such experiences. 

Rannveig recalls one visitor who is very close to her heart: “We had a request from a family in the UK, wanting to visit Iceland. The daughter, only 8 years old, has an illness that will sadly cause her to lose her sight. Before losing sight, her parents asked her what she’d like to see, and surprisingly, she said, “A volcano erupting. “

Iceland had an active eruption! Obeo travel agent in the UK quickly found suitable flights, and Obeo packaged up the ground, including a helicopter flight over the erupting volcano. 

Icelanders are creative, passionate, and resilient and love their country. They know how to live harmoniously with Mother Nature and keep their guests safe during all conditions. 

Once in Iceland, the family settled in, and Obeo took them to the domestic airport, where they excitedly boarded the helicopter. While in the air, flying a short distance to the volcano, it decided to stop erupting. The family saw the new crater and lava fields, but they were different, with an active eruption. During the following days, Obeo showed the family other Icelandic gems such as the Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle – while continuously monitoring the volcano. The eruption would stop and go again, etc. Helicopters were fully booked, so Obeo didn’t have an available helicopter even when it became alive again. 

“Finally, with sheer will and fantastic partnership with our local operators, we found a helicopter that could take the family back to the eruption – while it was still erupting,” says Rannveig. Their driver sped to the hotel to pick the family up, and while they flew to the eruption, Rannveig stared at the webcams, praying for it to continue erupting. The volcano was erupting, so the second time flew the family over (at no cost to them!), the little girl’s dream of seeing an erupting volcano came to life. “Tears of joy spread from the family to their travel agent, the Obeo team. It’s a moment we will never forget”, says Rannveig. “This emotional connection with our customers drives us to deliver unique and personalized travel experiences.”

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Obeo Travel Helps a Visually-Impaired Girl See an Erupting Volcano in Iceland