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Nordic Street Artists get their gallery in Oslo

Oslo, Norway, 08.02.2023 – On Saturday, February 3, the Nordics’ first art gallery for Street Art opened in Oslo. Kunsthallen Street Art Norge is located at Vulkan in Oslo and is 850 square meters. The gallery draws inspiration from international exhibitions such as the Dutch Straat Museum and the Moco Museum. 

Street art enthusiasts Ola Hanø and Dino Beslic are behind the new Kunsthallen for street art.

– We are two guys doing things we have not done before but support our keen interest in street art (urban art), which has developed over many years. Walking along the street and studying art in public spaces has given me many good experiences. Opening an art gallery with a focus on street art is a goal I have been working towards for a long time, says Ola Hanø

– Dino has worked with print and art production for many years in CopyCat and helped establish and build up CopyCat Fineart. When the thoughts about the project began to develop, I realized that I could not say no to actively becoming part of what brings together the areas for which I have a significant commitment, says Dino Beslic.

The opening exhibition consists of works from several Norwegian and international artists and shows the extent of the areas within which the Kunsthallen will work. The opening exhibition will develop with more artists and works over time. The aim is that this exhibition will eventually end up with the works that will be included in establishing a Nordic museum.

The opening exhibition is partly a sales exhibition. Still, many works have been lent by private enthusiasts who want to share their commitment to art and build a common platform for the industry.

Many people have unique works hanging at home and want to help give street art and, not least, the artists the space and attention they deserve, says Ola.

On March 8, the gallery will expand with the annual SHE Art exhibition – a separate exhibition with works exclusively made by female artists in Norway and the Nordics.

Hanø has 20 years of experience developing small and large professional and social meeting places. Now, he and Dino are taking the initiative to establish an arena which they hope will contribute to Oslo and Norway, contributing to becoming a powerhouse within art production.

In addition to contributing to artists from all over Norway and the Nordic countries getting an Art Hall, they will offer artists a more efficient and holistic printing and art production. They already have many of Norway’s leading artists on their client list who benefit from the Kunsthallen experience.

 We will make it easier for artists to become visible and create increased income from their art, says Ola

We took over 850 square meters on January 1 after establishing a good collaboration with Aspelin Ramm, and there is already a lot of interest in, among other things, the artists around the Kunsthallen. We hope that as many who want to explore the possibilities will take the initiative to contact us, says Beslic.

Several exhibitions that will be launched in the future, such as SHE Art and the Pop Art exhibition, will receive excellent support. Perhaps Kunsthallen’s autumn exhibition – Refused- a concept taken from the Salon des refusés from the 19th century will get the most attention.

We are on the way to a goal of developing a Nordic Street art museum and are working to ensure that as many artists, potential collaboration partners and public actors as possible will join the journey, says Hanø.

Street Art Norge AS
Vulkan 15, 0178 Oslo
Ola Hanø
+47 922 922 28