Vivaldi Unveils Game-Changing Features with Sessions Panel, Synced Open Tabs, and Full History Sync

Vivaldi Unveils Game-Changing Features with Sessions Panel, Synced Open Tabs, and Full History Sync

OSLO, Norway, January 03, 2023 – Vivaldi Technologies AS proudly announces a feature-rich update to its acclaimed Vivaldi browser. The latest release, Vivaldi 6.5, is designed to enhance user experience with groundbreaking functionalities, ensuring a more organized, efficient, and secure web browsing experience.

The update’s highlight is the introduction of the Sessions Panel, an innovative addition to Vivaldi’s sidebar. This feature allows users to effortlessly manage, view, reopen, and edit their saved sessions, providing a more organized approach to tab management. The Sessions Panel, a highly requested feature, comes with powerful editing functionality, enabling users to tailor their browsing sessions to their specific needs.

In a significant step towards seamless browsing experience across devices, Vivaldi Sync now offers full browsing history synchronization. This end-to-end encrypted feature ensures that users can access their complete browsing history on all devices, eliminating the frustration of losing track of important web pages.

The update also introduces Workspace Rules, which automatically organizes tabs into predefined Workspaces based on user-configured rulesets. This feature aims to streamline tab management, reducing the time and effort spent on manual organization.

Moreover, the built-in Notes functionality in Vivaldi 6.5 has been enhanced, allowing users to add more text to existing notes, further aiding in task management and organization.

Vivaldi 6.5 is ready for download and is particularly timely for the holiday season, offering a focused and organized browsing experience. The browser’s dedication to its users extends to its privacy commitment, ensuring that all data in Vivaldi Sync, including complete browsing history, is fully encrypted.

About Vivaldi Technologies AS: Vivaldi Technologies AS, an employee-owned company, is committed to creating products and services that prioritize user needs. The Vivaldi browser stands out as a powerful, personal, and private browsing solution that adapts to the user, offering an unparalleled internet experience on any device.

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