Patricia Teixeira

Renowned author Patricia Teixeira has launched an engulfing book called ‘The Dark Side Behind the Wheel’

London, UK, 07.11.2023 – Author Patricia Teixeira has launched an engulfing book called ‘The Dark Side Behind the Wheel’. In this book, she has written about the darker sides of Formula 1. Behind the glorious side of Formula 1, there is a gloomy phase that smells of unfulfilled dreams and heartbreaks. Coming from a diverse background, she has degrees in Civil Engineering and Human Resources with Psychology, the author pledges to write on this gravitating topic. According to her, “Formula 1 is not just a passion; it’s a way of life for me. I immerse myself in the world of F1 as much as possible.” This book is her way of honouring this humongous culture and the people who are responsible for this celebration of speed and cars. Spending days being around the celebration of the fastest wheels, she has had the opportunity to understand this place from its depths.

And this has brought me to write about this topic. In this book, she vocalizes the tremendous pressure of a driver once they become popular. She also writes about how this intense pressure causes them stress and weighs their hearts down. If you can see beyond the exhilarating side of Formula 1, you might be able to see ‘The Dark Side Behind the Wheel’. She sheds light on the disheartening prevalence of racism, hate, and negativity on social media directed to these drivers and their respective teams. This online hostility is also responsible for grave harm to these drivers. This book serves as an alert for people and shares that humanity will stand strong.

The challenges every driver and his team faces are unimaginable and she has managed to give the correct words to this cause. Patricia Teixeira has been extremely balanced in her way of writing. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can find the book on ‘Barns & Noble’, Amazon etc. Visit to know more.