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Is the UK in a unique position to embrace hybrid working in 2023?

Hove, United Kingdom, (enewswire), 27.01.2023 – As workplace trends change back to pre-Covid, can UK companies keep a happy workforce during strikes and a potential recession?

Raconteur has posted an interesting article, “The end of remote working and the ‘great return’”. This is a great explanation of what is on everyone’s minds going into 2023. From an employer perspective, management is concerned about productivity as costs go up, and wages are squeezed. From an employee perspective, hybrid work has been embraced, and their lives have changed for the better. The UK government wants everyone back to work feeding into the economy but won’t accept inflation pressures that have changed the modern workforce.

Therefore, buses, trains and, at some points, international travel are not an option. If you still have your car, can you afford the daily commute, or are you using that money saving to pay your energy bills? It all feels like we are on a collision course. And what happens if you and your family have chosen the good life? You have left the rat race on the understanding that hybrid work is here to stay, only to be told there is a new policy of being in the office two or three days per week. At HybridComms, we believe there is no going back for the UK. Hybrid work is the new norm.

We have some of the most expensive train fares in Europe, and this coming year the daily commute will not be an option for many families. We believe the “great return” can only happen if the UK can embrace Hybrid workers. If you are concerned that your phone system isn’t keeping up with your business, get in touch – we would love to show you how HybridFlow is helping our customers be better!

Chris Owen
Hybrid Communications Limited

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