Vogue Scandinavia reunites the cast of Young Royals on their first ever digital cover

Vogue Scandinavia reunites the cast of Young Royals on their first ever digital cover

Sweden, 21.09.2022 – Vogue Scandinavia, with its digital-first approach and commitment to innovating the fashion media landscape, has today launched its first ever digital cover, featuring the stars of Swedish cult-favourite Netflix series Young Royals. Shot in Stockholm, the exclusive editorial features the series’ core cast members Omar Rudberg, Edvin Ryding, Malte Gårdinger, Nikita Uggla and Frida Argento.

The launch of the latest cover marks a significant step forward for Vogue Scandinavia’s rich digital offering. Accompanying the editorial is a cover story that dives into the off-screen, personal backstories behind the show’s filming and production, including the immediate connection in the audition between Rudberg and Ryding.

“I remember that he laid down on me, on my legs, looking up, and I started touching his hair,” says Rudberg. “And I just remember thinking, ‘Oh shit, this dude is so good’.” From that moment, he “just felt it’s going to be us”.

The story also covers Ryding taking a break from social media and the strangeness of going back to normal everyday school in between seasons:

Ryding tells me he’s taking a breather from social media as well. “I get very affected,” he says. “It doesn’t have to be in a negative way, I just realised it takes up a lot of my time.” The youngest in the main cast, Ryding spent his time between seasons back at high school. In an experience that mirrors that of Prince Wilhelm, Ryding immediately felt all eyes on him. “It was pretty meta,” he says. “It was a bit difficult to cope with – that was supposed to be my free zone.”

And finally, the always-trending topic of Rudberg and Ryding’s off-screen relationship.

“For the last time, we are not a couple,” jokes Rudberg. Still, they’re in fairly constant communication, texting, calling, sending random Snapchats (recently, Rudberg sent an unprompted Snap of a squirrel). They’ll text to ask each other what they’re wearing to an event, or how long they plan on staying. Normal stuff, really. There’s been just one downside to this closeness. It emerged while filming season two, during their romantically-charged scenes (which, let’s face it, is any scene in which the duo appears together). “We were going to do these scenes that were dramatic, and we couldn’t do it,” says Ryding. “In the beginning, we would just laugh.”

This first digital cover marks a new era for Vogue Scandinavia, which has recently celebrated its one-year anniversary of publishing only print covers in a bimonthly timetable. With the introduction of digital covers, cover launches would double throughout the year, alternating between print and digital. All content related to the digital covers, as it is with online print-related content, will be accessible through Vogue Scandinavia’s digital subscription.

The subscription, besides accessing all digital cover-related material, also grants the users access to Vogue Scandinavia’s complete archive including exclusive interviews, deep-dives and edits; expert articles and op-eds on the categories of shoes, bags, interior design, nature, watches and gender-fluidity; special Nordic gastronomy, travel and culture experience guides; curated fashion and beauty edits paired with tailored shopping possibilities and exclusive series on beauty, sustainability, skincare and mental health curated by our editors. One subscription for access to all Nordic-exclusive news, coverage and backstage content on the Scandinavian capitals of fashion, beauty and culture.

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Words by Allyson Shiffman and photography by Jesper Brandt

Press contact: press@voguescandinavia.com


Words: Allyson Shiffman

Photographer: Jesper Brandt

Stylist: Emine Sander @ LinkDetails

Talents: Omar, Edvin, Frida, Nikita and Malte

Makeup Artist: Linda Öhrström @ LinkDetails

Hair Stylist: Moona Narancic

Photographer Assistant: Edgar Christians Bø

Stylist Assistant: Hanna Svensson

Makeup Assistant: Daniella Ericsson

Hair Assistant: Emma Wahlkvist

Production: Xo.Studio