New Media Film Festival, Film Technology Festival of the Year

New Media Film Festival, Film Technology Festival of the Year

Los Angeles, March 30, 2022 –Celebrating their 13th year, the New Media Film Festival®, founded by Media Futurist Susan Johnston, continues to elevate and innovate the film industry. By curating some of the most diverse stories told through both traditional and experimental mediums, they give voice to and make visible emerging media, technology, and storytellers.

“Stories that exemplify the power of the cinematic arts to inspire & transform.”          

      – L.A. Times

Across 26 categories, the New Media Film Festival® works with the most qualified judges in the industry, ready to recognize and award those innovative storytellers who seek to push the boundaries of the current industry. With judges from Marvel, HBO, BBC, PBS, Grammys, BMI, Rolling Stone, Emmys, and $45,000 awarded, innovation will not go unnoticed. New stories will not only be discovered but also supported.

During the festival, engage with the nominees during Q&A’s, listen to live performances, watch screenings, and see the winners announced. Tickets for the 13th New Media Film Festival®, taking place June 1st and 2nd 2022, in Los Angeles and online, are now available on the events page.

With a want to push the industry forward and encourage the development of new stories, the festival continues to uplift media that captures the attention of a broad audience.

In doing so, the New Media Film Festival® attracts international recognition. A film festival, which curates stories that exemplify the power of the cinematic arts, captures the attention of Corporate LiveWire, who, through an international perspective, search for those businesses and individuals who produce consistently high-level work across all aspects of their endeavours. Over 90,000 corporate professionals, businesses, magazine contributors, and subscribers are tasked with nominating companies and individuals based on criteria such as service, innovation, experience, and sustainability.

Having exceeded all criteria, the New Media Film Festival® will be awarded the title of 2022 Film Festival of the Year for a 2nd year at a  Live presentation in the UK. In addition, the festival won the prestigious Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022.

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