Ukrainian students get support from a VUB recruitment campaign

Brussel, Belgium, 8 March 2022 – The Vrije Universiteit Brussel has begun a campaign for students who are suffering because of the war in Ukraine. For the VUB Caroline Pauwels Relief Fund for students, the VUB Foundation is collecting donations that will give affected students, both Ukrainian and Russian, the opportunity to continue studying. As an Urban Engaged University, VUB stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We do not want to leave anyone behind in these difficult times.

The VUB Caroline Pauwels Relief Fund for students is therefore launching a campaign to help Ukrainian VUB students to continue studying. The action will also support refugee students who cannot return to Ukraine and want to continue their studies at VUB. Russian students who are unwitting victims of this terrible war will also receive support.

Donations can be made online or by bank transfer to the VUB account BE51 0013 6779 3562 with the free text “GIFT FO7 – Ukraine”.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine affects many VUB people. We have all been moved by the many innocent victims of this war, among them students. There are currently 33 people from Ukraine and 95 from Russia studying at VUB, who cannot return to their home countries and in many cases need financial assistance to continue studying. VUB stands with these students and wants to support them.

More actions

To properly assist and support students, a central digital contact point has been created that will facilitate coordination and communication.

VUB has also called on its research groups to show solidarity with their colleagues from Ukraine and Russia, as a dialogue between scientists must continue. We have contacted partner universities in Ukraine and Russia to show them VUB’s support. Finally, VUB is investigating what it can do to help scientists in need within the framework of the Scholars At Risk network, of which VUB is a member.

Under the banner The World Needs You, VUB is supporting all initiatives taken by its staff and students. Organisers can announce their initiative on the central platform #PeaceForUkraine and thus call on the VUB community to participate. An action by postdoc scientist Oleksandr Volkov is already underway, calling for medical resources to be made available.

VUB Foundation

The VUB Foundation raises philanthropic funds from companies, organisations and individuals. The policy of VUB’s fundraising department is based on the conviction that every philanthropic gift gets a social return. What you give to VUB, you get back.

More information

Isabelle Marneffe, director VUB Foundation, contact via VUB press office


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