CookieHub is changing the face of consent management with its new reseller program

CookieHub, a tech firm based in Iceland, is transforming the realm of data and privacy protection compliance.

CookieHub is introducing a new reseller program and making room for the non-tech savvy to make inroads with the consent management platform that makes GDPR, LGPD and CCPA compliance simple.

The tech company is furthering their goal to make compliance easier, first by making a cookie widget that can be easily tailored to brands by using various themes and styles, and now by making it so that anyone has the chance to join the CookieHub Partner Program and become a reseller or an affiliate.

New horizons in consent management

Many have heard of consent management but few know what it actually is. It’s the specific process by which customers can determine what personal data they are willing to share with businesses via their websites. Put simply, consent management is at work when you see the pop-up windows that require you choose between “Accept all cookies” or “Deny all cookies”.

Consent management is not yet required universally, but many companies are getting ahead of the curve by implementing the practice which means it is a fast growing sector of business.

How does CookieHub fit in?

CookieHub is a full-featured cookie consent management platform that makes cookie consent simple. Adding a cookie widget to a site, in addition to a cookie scanner, will automatically categorize which regulations are applicable and generate a cookie declaration listing for each visitor detailing the purpose and usage of the cookie. CookieHub then saves the information on whether the user denied or accepted the cookies for all future visits.

It’s this ease of use that has made CookieHub a leader in the industry and makes their new reseller and affiliate programs a great way to bring former outsiders into the world of technology.

Those looking for more in depth information on consent management platforms and CookieHub’s new reseller and affiliate programs, click here.

CookieHub is a fully featured Consent Management Platform (CMP), providing everything you need to make your web site GDPR, LGPD and CCPA compliant, offering a straightforward, cost-effective solution that satisfies data privacy regulations and is easily manageable through one system. CookieHub is cookie compliance made simple!