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TEHTRIS, the world leader in the automatic neutralization of cyber attacks announces its Europe expansion

PARIS, Feb. 2, 2022 — TEHTRIS, global leader in the automatic neutralisation of cyber threats and publisher of the leading European platform, XDR (eXtended Detection and Response), is going to open subsidiaries in Spain and Germany this year and has new European partnerships, already active in Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

TEHTRIS will have recruited 160 people in 2021 and posted double-digit revenue growth after raising a record €20 million Series A funding in 2020.

In 2022, TEHTRIS would like to recruit 200 people to support European businesses and administrations in their technological arms race, with the aim of protecting a cybersphere that has become a complex combat zone.

TEHTRIS is therefore announcing the opening of its new offices in Germany and Spain, with the recruitment of local teams in each of these countries to develop the implementation of this unique technology in Europe.

In parallel, TEHTRIS technologies continue to be deployed, chosen and supported by the company’s European partners, notably Capgemini, Orange CyberDefense, Nomios, Expleo Group, Sopra Steria, Post (Luxembourg), Approach (Belgium) and Eyra Group (Switzerland).

Neutralise cyberattacks, without human action: Sovereign by nature, Security & Ethics by Design.

According to the ANSSI, the number of ransomware attacks in France increased by 255% in 2021, mainly in the health and education sectors.

To counter this complex threat, French companies and public services need to hyper-automate detection tasks in order to concentrate their security teams on high added value missions.

In this context, TEHTRIS has developed TEHTRIS XDR Platform, the first XDR solution designed in Europe and the only one in the world to be coded natively. Detection, analysis and neutralisation of ransomware, cyberattacks and unusual or malicious behaviour is anticipated and performed autonomously and instantaneously for both known and new threats without human action (no click required). It is the most open platform to market solutions via its APIs.

TEHTRIS XDR Platform is by nature a sovereign platform. Protecting the files and data of its international clients without reading their content, it is developed and hosted in France and in Europe. Through its collaboration with OVHCloud’s Open Trusted Cloud, TEHTRIS offers solutions hosted on a sovereign cloud.

TEHTRIS XDR Platform is already used across the world by international groups, public services (ministries, local collectivities…) and has been awarded the Cybersecurity Made in Europe label. TEHTRIS is also the only publisher in the European Union that is recognised by Gartner® as a representative XDR supplier in the Market Guide for Extended Detection and Response 2021.

“Our international development strategy is based on our holistic and hyper-automated solution: the TEHTRIS XDR Platform. This solution enables organisations to fight against cyberespionage automatically to deal with unknown threats, whilst preserving their Digital Sovereignty,” comments Éléna Poincet, co-founder and CEO of TEHTRIS.

Beyond Europe, TEHTRIS continues to expand with the installation of teams in Vancouver and Singapore, thereby completing its publisher support offer in all time zones.


TEHTRIS is a world leader in the automated, non-human neutralisation of cyberattacks with the TEHTRIS XDR Platform. With its “Security & Ethics by design” engineering, this solution provides cybersecurity specialists with data confidentiality. Thanks to its technology, TEHTRIS positions itself as a European trusted third party. With its international partners, TEHTRIS XDR Platform monitors, analyses, detects and neutralises threats in over 100 countries for key players in the industry, transport, engineering and public services and administrations. By constantly monitoring cybercrime and listening to our clients, we strive to reduce the risks as much as possible, in order to deal with the unexpected.

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