DEMICON experiences a year of innovation and exceptional growth in 2021

Stuttgart, January 25 2022 – DEMICON is looking back on a year of innovation and exceptional growth for the company that testifies to our consultants’ efforts in streamlining our services in 2021.

The year saw DEMICON create a new look and feel for the brand, named one of the Best IT Companies in Germany, and it received the prestigious ISO 27001 quality management certificate. All in all, a year to celebrate and look forward to innovative products in 2022.

“2021 has been one of our best years yet,” says Philipp Batman, CEO of DEMICON. “We’re aware that our field of business is in constant flux, and we’ve been able to move with the times and the developments in IT. The year is something to look back on and be proud of.”

Among DEMICON’s other proud moments this past year was partnering with Siemens Digital Industries Software for a webinar offering insights into the benefits of integrating Jira and Polarion ALM. The webinar was proud to feature Siemens’ Portfolio Development Executive, Thorsten Stahlberg, and DEMICON’s Senior Consultant, Christopher Graf. Additionally, DEMICON’s Atlassian expert, Bogdan Gorka, was a key speaker at Deviniti’s Jira Day 2021, where he brought to light all the intricacies of Jira, focusing on project management, collaboration and communication, extending beyond company borders. The company is heading into the new year with a fresh website and slimmed-down design.

De-branding, rather than re-branding, has been the guiding principle of 2021; to refocus and concentrate the company’s mission and make our customers’ lives easier and more productive. “Debranding is an important step for DEMICON,” says Batman. “Recent years have shown us that DEMICON has the astounding capacity and strength to adapt to unforeseen events.” DEMICON was chosen as one of the Best IT Companies in Germany in 2021.

In a competition organised by German business magazine Brand Eins thousands of IT experts, and their customers, voted to pick the best of the best. “What does the prize mean for us?” asks Batman. “It’s recognition that our consultants’ efforts have paid off in maximising our customers’ goals.”


DEMICON is a multi-award winning IT service provider dating back to 2008, and is one of the leading AWS and Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partners in the DACH market. DEMICON has built a legacy based on deep technical expertise and strategic thinking, combined with a people-first approach. Our services range from customized software development and implementing scaled, agile methods, such as SAFe, to consulting on agile processes and hosting seminars and workshops. Our team of experienced Enterprise Architects, Technical Consultants, Software Engineers, Business Consultants and Project Managers provides a wide range of solutions to help companies reach their digital goals.

DEMICON has over 80 employees in five countries and offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart.

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