tart Early to Lay the Foundation of a Good Service Dog

Start Early to Lay the Foundation of a Good Service Dog

Dogs should be at least 6 months old and past their “puppy phase” to start training as service dogs. Many organizations request that the dog is at least 1 year old, which means it is already emotionally mature. Although Service Dog Training School International has found out that they could integrate service dog skills in basic puppy training, helping the puppy learn good manners and life skills, and at the same time laying the foundation to be easily trained as a service dog when the dog becomes of age.

This course-based – service dog puppy training is aimed at puppy owners who want to teach their puppy good basics, so that they happily coexist in the house, and safely bring them outside in public. Often puppy owners would complain of their pups struggling with potty training, not listening to their commands, barking at them, biting their hands, scratching them, chewing on the furniture, not liking their creation and the list could go on for a while; all these “bad behaviours” can be fixed with positive training and commitment.

To correct these behaviours Service Dog Training School International’s team of expert trainers and behaviourists has developed the SDTSI Service Dog Puppy Training 101 Course, which employs positive training techniques to teach the puppy how to behave while having fun and enjoying the company of its owners. It is important that the puppy does get the right training because the wrong training could cause long term problems and unnecessary fears in the pup. For example, if the puppy gets scolded or punished because of an indoor accident, it might get scared of toileting in front of you, even outside, and this could cause it suffering and bladder problems in the long run. Consider that puppies tend to urinate when excited and they get easily excited at a young age and that potty accidents often happen because puppy owners don’t follow a schedule for feeding and toileting, you can see how puppy training is important both for the pup and the owner, to learn how to happily coexist and interact together.

The course helps to avoid owners’ unnecessary guilt and frustration and gives them the means to teach their puppies in a happy environment, enjoying doing it, and being able to benefit from the results. Training owners gradually gain confidence in their ability to manage their pups at home and outdoors, while simultaneously the SDTSI tutoring trainer is there to support them every step of the way, offering expert advice and tips. The fact that SDTSI Service Dog Puppy Training 101 Course is available completely online makes it easier to attend and adaptable to anyone’s life schedule. Course materials can be viewed at any time and can be reviewed as many times as one wishes.

Course progress and content is available on the web account, as well as on the SDTSI app, to be checked and viewed at one’s will. To learn more about this course-based – service dog puppy training, you can visit the ServiceDogTrainingSchool website.

Contact: Laura Iesse