Cyber security first aid: is prevention better than cure?

Cyber security first aid: is prevention better than cure?


Leading technology provider, Softcat, have shared an interesting viewpoint on the best approach to cyber security today. Published via their dynamic new IT thought leadership platform, Fluent, the article explains why Softcat want to approach cyber security differently – positioning themselves away from traditional scaremongering tactics to focus on what successful security looks like. 

The article, written by Alexander Lewis, Security Consultant at Softcat, reveals that 77% (of a sample of 3,600 organisations) do not have an incident response plan, and of those that do, 54% do not regularly test their plans1. But as opposed to dwelling on cyber risk, Lewis wants to highlight the importance of not only prevention, but response too.

“The challenge here is that when it comes to cyber, we can’t just think preventatively” says Lewis. “What I can offer is a pragmatic view of how to balance prevention with response.” 

Alexander Lewis, Security Consultant at Softcat

Lewis goes on to outline a three-step process that shows how to achieve the correct balance, while urging organisations to think of cyber incident response as akin to first aiders. He explains: “Whilst we take preventative measures as an organisation to make a safe and secure workplace, the reason we have first aiders is because we acknowledge accidents can and do happen.”

To read Lewis’ thoughts in full, you can access the article on Fluent – in addition to the wider collection of thought leadership pieces that share Softcat’s views on technological developments throughout the industry.

Fluent focuses on wide variety of key themes, which include: 

  • Cyber security first aid
  • Aligning the C-suite with IT 
  • Data centre operations post-COVID-19
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Leveraging forced changes in the healthcare market
  • Secure access service edge
  • Predicting the workplace of tomorrow
  • Digital transformation outlook
  • Managing teams remotely

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