Iceland Aviation Academy becomes market leader in the Nordic region

Students are flocking to the largest flight school in Iceland to learn to fly.

Iceland Aviation Academy is quickly becoming one of the most popular flight academies in the Nordic region. IAA  made history just this year with 78 students receiving their Airline Transport Pilot Licence (APTL) in June, the largest in Iceland’s history. 

Due to their depth of knowledge and experience, the instructors at Iceland Aviation Academy are seen as a precious resource. And the fact that students can learn to fly in Iceland’s notoriously challenging weather and at some of the most scenic airports in the world only adds to the appeal. 

Arnbjörn Ólafsson, Director of Marketing and International Relations elaborates saying,

“In recent years, many international students have made the decision to come to Iceland for their ATPL studies as the conditions here for flight training are rather unique. Iceland has an ‘open sky’ policy which means that there are no restrictions or areas closed off to flight training. Students therefore have an opportunity to take their practical lessons in challenging situations and land at some of the most scenic airports in the world. Our staff is our greatest asset, as our teachers hold a wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Iceland Aviation Academy is centrally located, offering theoretical courses in both the greater Reykjavik area and at the main campus of the aviation academy in Keflavik. Practical lessons are held at Reykjavik Domestic Airport and Keflavik International Airport.

Students from around the world come to Iceland Aviation Academy to learn to fly for many reasons including:

  • Learning from motivated instructors with a depth of knowledge and experience.
  • Gaining the invaluable experience of flying in challenging environmental conditions.
  • Flexible training.
  • Use of a well maintained state-of-the-art fleet of planes.
  • Flying in an environment that is not only challenging but beautiful.
  • Centrally located – Iceland Aviation Academy has locations in both greater Reykjavik and Keflavik. 

Iceland Aviation Academy will soon be accepting students for the spring semester. The deadline for applications is January 11. Sign up here.