Comply by TBI – The next generation of VAT Compliance software

The world’s first end-to-end VAT compliance software, with in-built regulated cross-border payments capability.   TBI Comply delivers global visibility, centralised control, on-time payments with full indemnity and zero risk.  

TBI Comply is automating and simplifying VAT compliance for global organisations who struggle to manage multiple entities, multiple tax offices, multiple systems, delivering on multiple tax deadlines and in multiple currencies. 

Our embedded revolutionary payments technology enables tax office payments in local currencies and reconciliations, all within one platform.  Our VAT compliance software delivers visibility and centralised control for your VAT obligations in all jurisdictions.

TBI Comply is transforming how VAT compliance is managed on a global basis, with:

  • Guaranteed compliant on time VAT returns, Intrastat and EC Sales List filings
  • Accurate payments in real time, in local currency rates – removing cost and risk of late tax office payments.
  • Tax Office integrations: Automated, on-time submissions.
  • Improved efficiency: Easily stream data from multiple data sources with ERP integrations and simplified reconciliation
  • Cloud based analytics delivers intelligence to enable: workflow forecasting, accurate payment predications and visibly with a full audit trail 
  • One secure platform: Complete end-to-end audit trail for current and historic returns by entity, by tax office
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning capability: Our VAT compliance software is pre-programmed with over 180 tax rules and configurations to validate the data
  • Accurate trend analysis & financial forecasting: based on big data analysis
  • A fully indemnified solution backed by Industry leading VAT experts with over 25 years’ experience.

Embedded revolutionary payments technology

TBI Comply’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Learning based algorithms analyse historic VAT return data to detect patterns and accurately predict future VAT return amounts. Forecast VAT liabilities with confidence, guarantee all payments to global tax offices are on time, and paid in full – removing risk.

Our fully regulated Global Settlement Network of local bank accounts across 162 countries in 134 currencies ensures on-time payments to International tax offices from within TBI Comply.    Our award-winning payments technology is built upon decades of experience and treasury capabilities is transforming VAT compliance payments into a streamlined process with seamless user experience.

Real VAT Experts

With over 25 years’ experience in VAT compliance management, we handle all countries, languages and payments where VAT obligations exist.  We have a dedicated and centralized team of VAT experts who are an extension of your team, with a reputation of excellence in all global tax offices. 

Our team of real VAT experts are here to support your team when you need us.

Speak to one of our VAT experts to discover more.