Practical advice on the cloud solutions within a multi-cloud approach

Practical advice on the cloud solutions within a multi-cloud approach


The new campaign from technology provider, Softcat, explores the concept of multi-cloud. It looks at how multi-cloud is all about the way you serve applications; capture, process, store and secure data; and make the most of your current cloud solutions. 

Softcat shares perspectives from several of its senior team members, which are presented as a series of insightful articles. They offer practical advice on what multi-cloud means to your organisation and the positive outcomes that multiple cloud solutions could deliver. 

Dean Gardner, Chief Technologist at Softcat, explores how “The future’s cloudy but bright”. He asks where your business is today, where you want it to be, and how technology can deliver the outcomes you need to drive business forward. 

Dean goes on to discusses the idea of “Hidden clouds”. He explains how organisations consuming SaaS applications are already using cloud, they might not know they’ve got a hybrid infrastructure already in place. And he talks about how to make SaaS work harder for you. 

Continuing the theme, Andrew Cochrane, Datacentre Chief Technologist at Softcat, shares his perspective on “Multi-cloud operational excellence”. He outlines the common challenges surrounding multi-cloud adoption and how to address them.

In addition, the campaign focuses on how to create simplicity from complexity via a number of key themes, which include: 

  • Technical considerations of multi-cloud – how a multi-cloud mindset helps to navigate some of the biggest technical considerations
  • Why multi-cloud is important – how the right mix of cloud technology can help to overcome some of the biggest customer challenges today
  • How multi-cloud impacts organisations – why it affects the wider business and how the right partner can help you overcome the pain points

To see the full campaign, visit here.

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