How using the right cloud technology can streamline a complex process


Leading technology provider, Softcat, launches a new campaign demonstrating how to streamline intricacy with a multi-cloud strategy which uses  cloud technology from multiple public cloud vendors. 

Insight from many integral figures within Softcat are included in the campaign, helping explain the multi-cloud strategy in more detail. Videos presented as short interview-style pieces, delve into how multi-cloud can help deliver the outcomes organisations need. 

First up, Andrew Cochrane, Datacentre Chief Technologist at Softcat, explains how to overcome the connectivity, management and data issues associated with multi-cloud:

“Our expectations of cloud need a reset. It isn’t just about moving workload. It’s about figuring out how to deploy in a manner that is consistent. And we need to focus on the relationship between the business and IT.”

Dean Gardner, Chief Technologist at Softcat, goes on to discuss the importance of multi-cloud and the greatest challenges that customers face, which include:

“Number one, the technical debt that exists from legacy platforms. Number two, the ways you transform that and deliver against the requirements for change. And last but not least, the security, the governance, the operational aspect of a new way of working.”

And to finish, Tim Jeans, Solutions Sales Director at Softcat, highlights how multi-cloud impacts organisations and how Softcat helps them overcome the growing pains of implementing multi-cloud saying:

“ Softcat can be trusted to give the right independent advice… We take the time to understand an organisation’s success criteria and the necessary outcomes.”

To summarise, the campaign provides insight into the following key areas:

  • Technical considerations of multi-cloud – be it a hybrid infrastructure or a hybrid datacentre, and the importance of adopting a multi-cloud mindset
  • Why multi-cloud is important – and understanding the greatest customer challenges today
  • How multi-cloud impacts organisations – and the ways Softcat can help organisations implement the correct cloud technology

To see the full campaign, visit here.

About Softcat

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