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Quo Vadis medilane, health care and medical tourism

Finding the best health care and medical facilities can be difficult. It is even more complicated when it comes to healthcare options in a new location.

As a company medilane is highlighted to make healthcare opportunities easily accessible worldwide. The company brings convenient solutions for medical and cosmetic treatments anywhere in the world. Their clients get matched to the best clinics abroad along with full help to organize a trip for their treatment.

Proactive Healthcare

The central agenda of medilane is to explore all the requirements of their patients to their full potential. Processes take place in complete transparency and in a trustworthy environment.

The vision is to provide a personal AI-based healthcare consultant so that the system can be made more proactive and eager to help. Paying attention to the details, medilane is able to bring out the best solutions offering at one simple platform.

Medical Tourism

The global medical tourism industry has grown and is valued with a hundred billion dollars. The outlook: This market will steadily expand in the coming years. The net worth may shoot up to an estimated total of over two hundred billion dollars by the end of 2027.

The founding bricks of medilane were laid by founders Fariz Bashirov and Haydar Rizaev who have explored the complexities of medical tourism first-hand over the years. They have invested their expertise in solving these complexities with their technical and operational skills. As a result, medilane took the form of a global medical tourism platform to help simplify access to healthcare all over the globe.

How it works?

It is a simple 3-step process:

1. customers request a free consultation call via

2. after the phone consultation medilane sends an offer with several options

3. as soon as the customer confirms the preferred option, medilane organizes the trip.

The company is tailor-made and works with each customer individually to match the best clinics and service providers, depending on the particular case.

For each treatment request, the internal our platform finds the best treatment destinations based on the treatment costs, clinic specializations, travel time, and other relevant factors. Once the offer is accepted, medilane takes the initiative of organizing the whole trip inclusive of all medical and non-medical services.

Innovative Medicare

It is common to encounter the need for a treatment that is not available in your country. A global medical tourism network like medilane solves this dilemma by bringing all the available treatment options worldwide – where it is needed.

A three in one benefit of efficient decision making, expert opinions and saving valuable time and money can be accessed singularly on this platform. medilane is a Berlin-based startup with access to global expertise in the health tourism sector.

With a range of personalized services in the provision, customers can now access a personal coordinator who prepares an individual treatment plan suited to their particular needs. A 24/7 support system throughout the treatment is clubbed with specialized insurance for any unforeseen circumstances.

The essence of the company is the team

The medilane team is a dynamic international group of founders, graphic designers, software engineers, medical tourism experts, doctors, coordinators, business development and funding advisors. Irrespective of their role in the organization, the team is completely dedicated to the purpose of solving daily challenges in the most effective way.

The essence of medilane resonates with helping people, simplifying health and medical care and paying attention to every detail to improve the customer’s experience to the best of their potential. With their efforts focused on creating a global network for medical tourism, medilane envisions a future with sophisticated AI-based health care.

Having a foot forward in the direction to achieve this ambition, medilane is on its way to becoming the most valuable global medical tourism platform.

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