Valka innovating pin-bone and portion cutting with water jets

Utilising X-Ray and 3D image processing with robot-controlled water jets, the Valka Cutter is the leading pin-bone and portion cutting machine available for filet processors. The Valka Cutter allows fish processors to improve yield and throughput while reducing labour. Suitable for multiple species of fish, the pin-bone and portion cutting machine is highly efficient and incredibly flexible in accurately portioning fillets of any size.

Valka’s Cutter system ensures bone-free products by using a state-of-the-art X-Ray camera to detect bones as small as 0.2mm in size—increasing the yield by minimising the bone off cut and elevating the value of the products by maximising the size of the loins. “Increasing productivity, increasing yield and maximising accuracy for fish processors has always been at the forefront of what we do,” says Valka marketing manager, Águst Sigurðarson.

Using the Valka Cutter means you are delivering a superior product due to reduced handling of the product and all cuts being made on a single machine. The system is capable of analysing each fillet and cutting uniform portions in relation to size, weight and thickness according to the desired specification. Multiple cutting patterns or programs can be defined, and the size of fillets can be cut into different patterns. And with a variety of cutting and detecting options, fish processors can customise a system according to their needs. To learn more about the Valka Cutter, visit their website at

About Valka

At Valka, we are passionate about improving fish processing. We aim to enhance the fish production process so that our clients can produce better quality products and be more profitable. We do that by designing and building innovative, efficient equipment and systems that create added value. Our systems process with more accuracy, minimise waste and increase the raw material yield into higher-value products. We build automated and intelligent systems that assist the producer in optimising his production. We work with our customers to develop a solution that meets their specific need and expectation.