How to devise a winning cyber security strategy


A new guide from leading IT provider, Softcat, outlines the importance of devising a solid cyber security strategy and explains how businesses can prioritise their actions and develop a tangible plan.

With insight from in-house cyber security experts including Chief Technologist, Adam Louca, and Security Consultant, Alexander Lewis, the guide shares their opinion and expertise in supporting businesses on their journey towards improved cyber security.

As with most areas of IT security, every business has an ongoing list of to-dos, so Louca outlines how prioritising actions is vital in order to make meaningful progress: “I like to think of it as setting the rules of the game. You need to know how to play before you start”.

Within the guide, Louca goes on to explain how businesses should be working through their priorities, one at a time, in an order that creates the greatest impact and helps to reduce the cost of cyber attacks– going into depth to highlight how he supports clients in these early stages.

Building upon the strategical approach, Lewis then outlines the next stage in the process – developing a tangible plan. Why ‘tangible’ specifically? Because, as he explains: “The aim is to craft a plan that you can really hang your hat off – a set of real actions that lead to real outcomes.”

The guide highlights how creating a clear cyber defence plan is all about combining the necessary processes, policies, governance, technology and people required to reduce cyber vulnerability. It discusses the need to understand a business’s specific cyber threats landscape, and it demonstrates the importance of being realistic about the speed of change that a business is capable of.

That’s not all: the guide goes on to discuss how to secure the supply chain as part of a fully comprehensive approach:

  • Prioritise security actions – the first step towards improving computer security
  • Develop a tangible plan – creating a structure to be able to make progress
  • Secure the supply chain – working with customers and suppliers to tighten up data sharing

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