We Volar, an international drone video and photography service

We Volar, an international drone video and photography service

Reykjavik, January 31st, 2020 – We Volar is a new venture out of Iceland with emphasis on bringing beauty to industrial droning by offering companies, institutions and administrative agencies the chance to hire some of Instagram’s best creators to drone film and or photograph their assets such as buildings and others structures, on land and sea.

Among our talent are individuals with years of experience flying drones all over the world and while doing so, have created a name for them selfs and substantial following on social media.

We Volar welcomes all kinds of tasks. May it be capturing stunning images of buildings in urban areas, film container ships on the open sea or breathtaking landscapes, our talent can drone it, in the most spectacular style possible.

We believe there is a great demand for high-quality drone footage across industries and this is a welcoming and challenging task for our creators.

Bjorn Steinbekk – We Volar Founder

We Volar translates to we fly from Spanish, and you can say that it gives insight into what it is the company does. We Volar originates from its founder’s work in marketing and content production in Iceland and Norway and has through those connections built a collaborative global network of talented content creators.

For those looking to enhance the visual experience of their brand, the We Volar team is ready to extend their services to clients, internationally, on land and sea. 

For more information, please visit  www.wevolar.com

About the company

The founders of We Volar have been increasingly involved in building content for the Icelandic travel sector, and their content has quickly moved to the forefront of online marketing efforts in the Nordics and beyond. Through this work, the idea was born to connect drone content creators with clients looking to benefit from the impactful high quality and affordable content available through drone imaging.

Advancements in drone photography have made drone content creation easier, affordable and more accessible than ever before. The talent of our network of content creators and their ability to deliver content tailored to client needs is difficult to match – We Volvar provides unique and valuable service for the growing demand for high-quality drone imaging.