Stracta Hotel with northern lights

Get Together with Friends at Stracta Hotel

Share adventures and create new memories in the wilds of Iceland.

Stop making plans to make plans with friends and actually make it happen in one of the most magical places on earth–Iceland. Few places in the world have volcanoes, lava fields, waterfalls, glaciers, hot springs, black sand beaches and mountains all within short distances of each other but one can find precisely that in Iceland. South Iceland is one of the most popular destinations for Icelanders and tourists alike. At a short distance from Reykjavík (only 1.5 hour drive), Stracta Hotel is a luxury hotel ideally situated in the heart of South Iceland giving visitors access to all of the activities the region has to offer.

The staff at Hotel Stracta are happy to help groups organize various trips, activities and excursions. From horseback riding to hiking to cave exploration and venturing into the highlands in a super jeep there are many options to choose from for those that love the outdoors. Seasoned hikers who want to kick things up a notch and go on a glacier climb and thrill seekers might want to consider going on a helicopter ride or kayaking. There are even for those who don’t want to go full throttle in to the outdoors. Stracta offers guests use of saunas and hot tubs and a nearby natural hot spring is the perfect temperature for a relaxing soak.

Gathering around the table to share a meal with friends is one of the best parts of any get together and Stracta Hotel is more than up to the task of providing guests with satisfying dining experiences. Using local ingredients whenever possible, the menus of both Stracta Bistro and Garður Restaurant are inspired by traditional Icelandic cuisine. Stracta Bistro is open during most of the day while Garður Restaurant is open for a delicious dinner buffet, lunch for groups (booked in advance) and will even provide packed lunches to take along on day trips.

Groups of varying sizes will find that Stracta Hotel’s selection of well appointed, rooms (more than 140 in all) will meet a variety of needs and preferences. For those looking to spend as much time as possible catching up with friends, the studio apartments and 2-bedrooms are ideal. Those seeking a little privacy may find the standard, superior and deluxe suites more suitable.

For years, South Iceland had only a handful of quality lodging options available and those that did exist couldn’t accommodate large groups. But through the hard work, dedication and vision of father and son, Hreiðar Hermannsson and Hermann Hreiðarsson, Stracta Hotel became a reality and filled that void becoming the go-to luxury hotel in South Iceland. Plan your next group trip to Iceland and enjoy your stay at Stracta Hotel.