Icelandic Mountain Guides Goes Carbon Neutral

Icelandic Mountain Guides Goes Carbon Neutral

Through dedicated effort, and the guidance of the Environmental Team, all Icelandic Mountain Guides day-tours are now carbon neutral. 

With global temperatures rising and glaciers melting at a rapid pace, Iceland is on the frontline of the climate crisis. This reinforces the importance of Icelandic Mountain Guides’ mission to preserve the unique and delicate nature of the Icelandic environment by drastically cutting down their carbon emissions. In order to find long term solutions and turn this dream of one day becoming a completely carbon neutral company into a reality, they have established an Environmental Team whose main focus is to analyze the carbon emissions of the company and implement strategies and programs to offset their carbon footprint.

To support the restoration of the native plant habitat of Iceland, the company as a whole participates in ecological restoration and reforestation twice a year. Every spring and fall, the team heads into the great outdoors to plant trees that will not only absorb carbon dioxide (CO2 ) emissions but also help reforest Iceland with indigenous plants that will protect and support local bird and insect species.

Not content to only do their part in reducing carbon emissions, Icelandic Mountain Guides is also paying it forward by organizing and supporting various environmental projects, such as working directly with NGOs and educating guests and staff on the Leave-No-Trace principle. To follow the Leave-No-Trace principle is to reduce one’s impact on nature and the environment as much as possible.

Having accomplished the daunting task of offering carbon neutral day-tours, Icelandic Mountain Guides continues to strive toward achieving complete carbon neutrality by 2021.

Icelandic Mountain Guides

Icelandic Mountain Guides is the premier outdoor adventure company in Iceland. In 1994, four passionate guides simultaneously founded the company and created the glacier walk in the country, which helped to revolutionize the adventure industry in Iceland. For over 25 years, Icelandic Mountain Guides has provided fun, safe, and educational small group adventures to thousands of travelers from around the world. The company’s passion for protecting Iceland’s delicate and unique nature is what inspired them to carbon neutralize their tours. 

Arnar Már Ólafsson