New reservation software for hospitality establishments by Cozy Restaurant Reservation

Receive and organise reservations for your hospitality business using the new software designed to replace paper systems whilst still keeping the ‘paper feel’. The software is suitable for businesses of all sizes from small cafés and bars to large restaurant chains.

The system allows flexibility, changing table times, adding intervals between for relaying, creating various profiles for different users and viewing table plans in a time-scheduled view. The details of repeat customers are retained, such as dietary requirements and table preferences to consider when setting a table plan, any special requests from customers such as birthdays or special events are also recorded. The information kept will allow your teams to care for their customers and provide good quality service to increase custom through word of mouth, restaurant review websites and repeat custom.

Cozy Restaurant Reservation’s program supports all Windows OS functions and can be password protected to safeguard your customer and professional data with automatic back-up features in secured archives. Schedules can be exported into multiple formats including MS Outlook, XML, HTML, XLS and TXT.  allowing you to use your information and plans in different applications or to print.

Thus you can use your schedule in different applications. When you need a printout of your schedule, you’ll certainly appreciate the powerful Print Designer. It’ll help you to print your schedule in the most convenient form, choosing from a number of templates.

Take the time to look into this new restaurant system, it may be the key to efficiency and success in your hospitality business.