Kier Living MS Therapy Centre

Kier volunteers make a difference at Bedford’s Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre

Volunteers from Kier Living Eastern came out in force to spruce up the communal entrance, gardens and car park at the MS Therapy Centre in Bedford.

Fifteen enthusiastic Kier staff clipped shrubs, hedges, wood stained gates, power-washed paths, laid down gravel, and weeded the gardens, to support those using and working at the centre. As part of the work a new gym floor was provided by New Homes Carpeting and new lines painted within the car park by A D Bly. £2,000 worth of garden furniture was also donated to the project by Kier’s charitable foundation.

The day of volunteering was part of Sandy-based Kier Living Eastern’s dedication to support the communities where it is building houses.

Kier Living Eastern managing director, Nick Moore, said: “Our Community Action Days are a great way to meet local people and organisations in those areas where we are working to bring new homes. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the MS Therapy Centre and supporting a cause that is close to our hearts.

“The Centre carries out a vital service and the least we could do is help make the grounds a bit more attractive and help maintain them while the incredible work of the MS Therapy Centre staff and volunteers continues within.”

Paula Priestley, manager at the MS Therapy Centre, said: “We were thrilled that Kier Living Eastern came to help with work that so often takes a back seat as other priorities take our attention. The hard work of the volunteers has made a big difference to the centre and means our members, staff, volunteers and visitors have a much nicer garden to enjoy. The improvements to the car park will make parking so much easier and the new flooring will ensure that our gym is a safer and more pleasant environment for our users.

“It’s often difficult for small charities to build relationships with local businesses but we are very happy we have done this with Kier.”

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