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Niagara Falls Cannabis Conference Introduces a One Day Healthcare Summit

Plena Global Holdings’ Dr. Hepburn to speak on benefits of Cannabinoids

This year, the Grow Up Conference and Expo in Niagara Falls is implementing an additional one-day Health Care Seminar specifically designed for the medical community and Plena Global Holdings is pleased to announce that Medical Director, Dr. David Hepburn will be speaking. One of Canada’s foremost medical cannabis educator of physicians and the scientific and lay communities. He is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC), International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM),The International Cannabis Research Society (ICRS), Physicians for Medical Cannabis (PMC) and the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine (AACM).

Dr. Hepburn will discuss the health benefits of cannabinoids including terpenes and why they are so powerful when used therapeutically. His talk is scheduled for 3:15 on Saturday, September 8th.

“With the importance of the entourage effect being continually underscored scientifically, attention is being turned to what contributes to that effect.” Said Dr. Hepburn. “Terpenes are running front and centre, both on how they work synergistically with cannabinoids as well as their independent actions. I am happy to address some of the exciting potentials, possibilities and promises that exist there.”

Tickets for this one-day seminar entitled Cannabis Meets Healthcare are available through the event website: This seminar is presented in partnership with International Cannabis Solutions, an expert team with experience in healthcare, education, pain management, addiction medicine, pharmacology, and more specifically, Cannabis and Cannabinoid knowledge.

Cannabis Meets Healthcare session topics will include:

• Opioid Reduction with Cannabis
• Endocannabinoid System
• Dosing and Delivery Methods
• Top 10 Diagnosis for Medical Cannabis Prescriptions
• Cannabis Impairment – Risk and Legal Considerations
• Discussion about the Canadian Medical Association
• Top Cannabinoids Including Terpenes
• Baby Boomers, The Fastest Growing Medical Consumer of Medical Cannabis

About Plena Global

Plena Global Holdings Inc. is a holding company based in Canada accumulating medical marijuana grow production assets across legalized countries in South America. Plena is focused on developing large-scale production of GMP grade medical marijuana products for export to countries with supply shortages, such as Canada, Germany and Italy. Plena brings together some of the world’s top cannabis scientists, growers, extraction specialists, and medical leaders, to develop and deliver the highest quality medical marijuana supplies to the world.

About Grow Up Conference

The founders and producers of Grow Up Conference and Expo have decades of experience producing national-profile events and creating global connections between business communities in the arts, broadcasting, media and technology. They have organized trade summit initiatives with governments around the world. And they have worked closely with sponsors in all levels of Canadian government.
Veteran assemblers of forward-thinkers, their signature events includes the internationally-attended O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo, Canadian Music Week, the Digital Media Summit, Radio Interactive Summit and the career-breaking CMW Music Festival. They produce myriad entertainment/media industry awards, including The Indies, The Canadian Radio Music Awards, advertising’s Crystal Awards, The Live Music Industry Awards and the annual Music Broadcast and Industry gala. They also have a two-decade-long relationship with Canada’s Juno Awards.

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