Dr. David Hepburn

Plena Global Holding‘s Dr. David Hepburn to Speak at the Cannabis Legalization Summit

Canada’s foremost medical cannabis educator speaking on the effects of cannabis use

[Vancouver, June 12 2018] Dr. David Hepburn MD is Canada’s foremost medical cannabis educator of physicians and the scientific and lay communities. He will be speaking at the Cannabis Legalization Summit held by the Drug Strategy Council in Canada. His session topics will include:

  • Effects of cannabis use on the developing brain
  • General information about the legalization of cannabis in Canada
  • The benefits of using medical cannabis

Following Dr. Hepburn’s keynote, a panel representing organizations that include Aurora Cannabis, the RCMP Drug Recognition Unit, Paul First Nation Health Centre, and Alberta Health Services will be available for a question and answer session.

Dr. Hepburn will be there to advise on how best to deal with and counsel Canadian youth who want to use cannabis, particularly as a recreational drug.

According to Dr. Hepburn, cannabinoid medicine is here to stay but, like any medicine, it is important to be aware of the good, bad and the ugly.

“The more we understand the development and role of our internal endocannabinoid system (ECS), the more we need to pay attention to how the cannabis plant interacts with it. Given how dynamic the ECS is, we need to proceed with caution and scientific knowledge when it comes to exposing the developing brain to cannabis, be it recreational or medical.” Said Dr. Hepburn when asked about his summit involvement.

The event will be held at the Heritage Park & Pavilion, 5100 41 Avenue, Stony Plain, AB and Dr. Hepburn will be speaking on the 13th of June.

About the Drug Strategy Council
The Drug Strategy Council is a tri region initiative from the RCMP, FCSS, Probation, apfa, and AHS to inform the public around issues involving drug use in our community.

About Plena Global
Plena Global Holdings Inc. is a holding company based in Canada accumulating medical cannabis grow production assets across legalized countries in South America. Plena is focused on developing large-scale production of GMP grade medical cannabis products for domestic supply and export to countries with supply shortages, such as Canada, Germany and Italy.

With experience in the medical cannabis industry dating back to legalization in Canada, Plena brings together some of the world’s top cannabis scientists, growers, extraction specialists, and medical leaders, to develop and deliver the highest quality medical cannabis products to the world. Plena Global Holdings is a B2B cannabis company focused on supplying licensed producers and distributors. The company has quietly positioned itself to be the world’s largest producer of medical-grade cannabis with over 130,000,000 square feet or over 1,000 hectares of agri-industrial land secured and entering production.

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