Agrotrac software platform designed to ensure Compliance with health canada

Agrotrac software platform designed to ensure compliance with Health Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia 04. June 2018 – Plena Global Holdings Inc. (“Plena” or the “Company”), is very pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the Agrotrac software platform, the first Spanish seed-to-sale tracking software platform for cannabis production compliance surety and tracking.

The platform ensures compliance with Health Canada’s standards for production, tracking and good manufacturing production. The system will allow designated regulatory officials to enforce GMP standards across the medical cannabis supply chain

Agrotrac provides tracking from the point of organic matter acquisition through multi-stage testing, and on to delivery to the license holder. Furthermore, Agrotrac allows for traceability of crops to ensure no production diversion or product loss.

Agrotrac is designed for use in the field and in the office, allowing farm workers and office staff to update data as needed. Agrotrac has a software API structure to allow for in-field sensor data collection,
Thirdrd party testing integration, field management, and cannabinoid yield outcome reporting.

Additionally, the software is designed for real-time reporting and decision making with big-data analytics logic embedded within.

About Plena Global Holdings
Plena Global Holdings Inc. is a holding company based in Canada accumulating medical marijuana grow production assets across legalized countries in South America. Plena is focused on developing large-scale production of GMP grade medical marijuana products for domestic supply and export to countries with supply shortages, such as Canada, Germany and Italy.

With experience in the medical marijuana industry dating back to legalization in Canada, Plena brings together some of the world’s top cannabis scientists, growers, extraction specialists, and medical leaders, to develop and deliver the highest quality medical marijuana supplies to the world. Plena Global Holdings is a B2B cannabis company focused on supplying licensed producers and distributors.

The company has quietly positioned itself to be the world’s largest producer of medical-grade marijuana with over 130,000,000 square feet or over 1,000 hectares of agri-industrial land secured and entering production.

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