Learn music theory by playing a computer game

The indie studio “Nerds of Avalon” from Berlin/Germany has created a didactic computer game for teaching music basic music theory. The program is available in the Mac AppStore and Windows store. More releases for other operating systems will follow in 2018.

To learn a music instrument is like learning a natural language. You can not start thinking consciously about letter and words if you intend to read text fluidly. Same thing goes with playing music. You need to identify notes and scales on the fly to find the chord you need. This comes with practice that many people find boring. The goal of the of the program is to sweetening up the practicing by doing it by playing a quiz game. The game is suited for all ages and gives parents an opportunity to provide extra motivation for their children.

The game aids learning and training on a screen keyboard so that no external MIDI keyboard is required for practicing. Every quiz in the game is divided into multiple levels. The initial level acts as a learning aid. The next levels are for practicing the learned contend and grow more challenging when they advance. To proceed into the next level one has to have a significant amount of right answers. Time is also of essence: Faster players earn extra points.

The game is ideal for in between and on the road and runs also on older hardware.

The game teaches and trains notes, scales and scale degrees. A mode for chords is in development and will be available for all customers for free in 2018.

You can train hundreds of scenarios when combining different quiz modes with scales and tonics of your choice. You can also choose from many UI skins to customize the look and feel.

It is available on Mac AppStore and Windows Store and steam release is in works and is targeted in 2018. There are also plans for iOS and Android mobile versions. “Notes and scales” from the indie studio in Berlin/Germany called Nerds of Avalon is available for Mac and Windows for 14.99 $.

More information about the game like specs, details, tutorials or news can be found in the website:


Nerds of Avalon
Canga Kalyoncu
Pettenkoferstrasse 28
10247 Berlin
Phone: 017624111325
E-Mail: info@notesandscales.com
Url: notesandscales.com