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BioID® relaunches face recognition Website

Nuremberg, Germany – 11.01.2018: BioID®, the pioneer for offering multimodal biometrics as a service, now goes online with a new online presence including its new homepage as well as a new developer’s portal ( that comes with many useful features and a wealth of information and documentation. Being in the biometrics business for over 15 years, the German company has now completely revised its structure and contents for offering an even more interesting and easy to use biometric information and development platform.

Aside from the new look-and-feel, the company continues to focus on its privacy-by-design principle by adding numerous new APIs to its anonymous biometrics recognition service, the BioID® Web Service (BWS). The offer now includes PhotoVerify for automated online identity proofing, the patented anti-spoofing liveness detection ( as well as the patented periocular eye recognition ( Extensive developer documentation detailing how these APIs are used in both web-based and mobile applications are all available on the new Website. Face, eye and voice recognition as well as the extremely powerful liveness detection can also be tested in the integrated Playground. One can explore how BWS can be integrated in a privacy-conscious solution, or how to further secure an online presence using the BioID® multimodal biometrics service. In addition, interested developers and companies may request an exclusive 30-day trial instance for an in-depth testing or proof-of-concept development.

“One of our aims is to make biometric technology available and easy to use for everybody.” said Ho Chang, BioID® CEO. “The new developer”s website is a result of the valuable feedback, inputs and suggestions we received from our partners and users. Coming soon, we will provide an interactive prototyping platform to shorten the typical evaluation process so that interested developers and companies can quickly move on to take advantage of our service in their intended applications.”

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