Abuse Monitoring and Business Intelligence with mambo+

The continuous improvement of mambo+, the simple and user-optimized business intelligence tool for domain portfolios, goes on. The enhanced abuse monitoring offers compliance with Spec 11 3b of the ICANN registry agreement. Further to that, mambo+ now provides additional business intelligence functionality for registries, registrars and registrants.

By analysing technical information and usage data of domain names the users gain important insights for operative and strategic decisions. Thereby, mambo+ helps to improve services, to determine the demand and market potentials of new functions, and last not least to enhance reputation and customer support. Besides these improvements a lot of further innovations have been added to mambo+. The user interface has been redesigned to become even more comfortable, and a new app (for iOS and Android) has been developed which provides instant user notifications on mobile devices about new or omitted abuse cases.

Another technical innovation is the new smart mambo+ bulb. These LED Bluetooth bulbs signal status updates of domain abuse cases within a domain portfolio, hereby supplementing the automated reports and e-mail alerts that mambo+ provides out of the box. This allows to respond to domain abuse cases even quicker.

The first public presentation of the smart mambo+ bulbs has taken place at the ICANN meeting in Copenhagen from March 11th to March 16th. There, interested registries had the possibility to get sample devices for free.