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Providing Big Data Security Through Data Privacy Compliance

Computacenter and IBM Tackle the Impending European General Data Protection Regulation

Computacenter logoIn May 2018, a new law from the EU will pass called the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. This legislation will have vast implications for both organisations and customers because the issue at hand is nothing less than big data management and security. In an age and economy where big data is the currency, the proper protection of digital information has real and significant value for businesses that are constantly aggregating exponential amounts of data, as well as for the individuals whose data is out there being circulated.

Computacenter, working in concert with IBM, understands the vital importance of data protection compliance, which amounts to GDPR compliance, not only for the purpose of shielding data from hackers, but for enhancing the efficiency and agility of businesses whose trade is in handling big data. So why GDPR? The European General Data Protection Regulation isn’t just another roadblock to technological progress. As Computacenter sees it, it can actually be a big step forward for business leaders that embrace data privacy compliance as a way to approach not only security, but also organisation and management, in order to improve and sharpen overall performance and carry their companies into the future.

While some may balk at the idea of having to adjust to the imminent requirements that the implementation of the GDPR will inevitably demand, Computacenter and IBM encourage business leaders to view this as a golden opportunity to streamline and develop better strategies for handling data that will place their organisations on the cutting edge of technological advancement, as well as raise their share value by engendering greater trust and mutual respect amongst their customers and employees. As Greg Campbell, Governance, Regulatory, and Legal Consultant for IBM, states, “You need be able to access the data and report on it quickly and reliably. You need to know your data and where it resides. That takes operational methodologies that are streamlined and reliable. Putting those in place has the potential to improve the efficiency of your organisation, enabling you to deploy processes and technology that can help to make you more productive. You will have taken important steps towards knowing your organisation’s data better, and with proper implementation, it will be more agile.”

May 2018 is coming, whether we like it or not; why not face the changes that the GDPR represents head on and accept the challenge willingly, focusing on the benefits and positive outcomes your business will see if you approach data security and protection from the standpoint of not just a duty to those whose data you hold, but also as a chance to further enrich and advance the technological capabilities that are within your business’s reach. Computacenter, Europe’s leading provider of IT infrastructure services that enable users and their businesses, is there to advise you and help you through every step along the way.

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