Pawson Upgrade Fuel Management

Pawson Transport continues to develop its business by introducing the Cameron Forecourt Eclipse WEB based Fuel Management System to their refuelling operations.

Pawson Transport is a well-established family run transport and distribution company based in Rotherham, Yorkshire with over 90 years in the industry. Pawson Transport identifies with Cameron Forecourt sharing the same passion for developing their businesses and striving to continually deliver excellent service levels that meet the changing demands of their respective customer bases.

Cameron Forecourt has provided fuelling equipment service and maintenance to Pawson Transport for over 10 years and was naturally the first port of call when the previous Fuel Management System become obsolete. Cameron Forecourt’s Solution was its “Real Time” WEB based Eclipse Fuel Management System.

“As the new system is WEB based in “Real Time”, all events are transmitted to the servers almost immediately. As such customers can see their vehicle re- fuelling’s as they happen, along with stock deliveries or warnings for possible leaks or theft with alarms sent via email as soon as the condition is detected”
The new Vision web page facility available through the Eclipse web portal, gives the user a clear overview of fleet efficiency, fuel consumption, carbon emissions and fuel price trends to name a few.

The Eclipse system was supplied to Pawson Transport as a retrofit upgrade, using the existing system’s case and fixings to reduce the overall purchase price of the upgrade. This approach gives the most cost effective means of introducing new technology to an existing fuel installation whilst recognising investment that has already been made into an older fuel monitoring system terminal.

Martyn Gent of Cameron Forecourt explains, “Whilst the technology used in an older system may be redundant, the existing casing and some other elements of the system can be reused. Why pay for new metalwork when there is nothing wrong with the old case?” Martyn continues to explain, “We normally find that retrofit installations are more quickly installed meaning that customer fuelling operations are hardly impacted.”

Richard Pawson of Pawson Transport stated, “The new system provided by Cameron Forecourt is far easier to use than the previous installation”

Its safe to say that the partnership between Cameron Forecourt and Pawson transport will continue to go from strength to strength in the increasingly competitive industry of transportation.