European Startup Apico Announces VoIP Services for Business Built on Its Telecom API Platform

Today European startup Apico unveiled its VoIP services driven by the company’s cloud-based telecom API platform. In a word, Apico now enables businesses to easily enhance their services with advanced voice communications functionality.


Apico leverages its cloud platform to provide a set of essential enterprise-grade VoIP solutions, including handling of incoming and outbound calls, a masked voice chat (Incognito), and custom phone apps (Softphone). The company plans to expand beyond its services by introducing advanced voice, messaging and video capabilities, ultimately offering a complete API platform for embedding real-time communications into software apps.


Early interest in Apico is coming from:


  • Online retailers boosting their conversion rates by providing live and personalized pre-sale support
  • Social media sites, classified ad sites, and dating services enabling users to communicate with each other smoothly and seamlessly without handing out their personal phone numbers
  • Hotels, travel companies, banks, and other service-oriented businesses ensuring uninterrupted communications with customers regardless of traditional infrastructure limitations (roaming, long distance and international call charges, device theft, etc.)
  • Developers building voice applications or integrating voice capabilities into their web and mobile apps

Because it is based in the cloud, Apico clients can quickly and easily embed voice services into any webpage or mobile application without any additional infrastructure requirements. Developers adding communications features to their products will also benefit from the DIY tools Apico provides: web and mobile SDKs as well as an open-source app.

“We relish the challenge of adding one more cloud-based telecom API platform to the market,” emphasized Andrey Khlystunov, CTO at Apico, adding that “what sets us apart is the deep expertise we have poured into our product. The collective professional experience in traditional telecoms the Apico team boasts is in the hundreds of years, while we have another couple centuries of experience in IT under our belts. We’re engineers, familiar with everything from the physical to application layer; from low-level infrastructure all the way to the front end. Ultimately, we would love to see Apico move past being just a software company to becoming a cloud telecom advisor and an expert offering the customer a helping hand. Together we can create flexible, reliable, and cost-effective communications solutions customized to meet specific business needs.”

About the company:

Apico provides voice, messaging, and video capabilities for web, mobile, and enterprise apps through its cloud API platform. Founded by an international team with a background in both traditional telecoms and cloud communications, Apico brings to the table a well-thought-out, reliable, and simple infrastructure service allowing clients to create customized solutions ranging from basic voice apps to enterprise-level scenarios.

Contact: Anna Sopova
Apico Technologies Ltd
The Black Church, St. Mary’s Place
Dublin 7, Ireland