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Smart Body Art with Tattoo Inks – Tattoo Kits

Tattooing is a demanding trend that can be carried out using hundreds of variations. Tattoo inks play a big role in bringing these variations. It is an important part of the tattoo equipments, as it is the quality of the ink that that decides how the end product on the skin would look like. Even the slightest of the change in the colors can lead to the dissatisfaction of the customer.

Tattoo inks ( are the pigments combined with carriers that are then used to make a tattoo. The color pigments in the ink are suspended in the carrier solution. The different brands have different carrier solutions, they may be, plastics, minerals, vegetable dyes or metallic salts. Poor quality carriers might unfortunately lead to skin damage.
The tattoo inks can be mixed to get a typical shade of a color required. The inks differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. The artists always go for the brand as that offers the assurance of a quality tattoo. Getting inked for life and sacrificing in the name of the brand cannot be a good decision. Below points can help you in buying best inks for best tattoo.

  • For beginners: Always buy inks in sets or kits. Ensure that none of the colors reacts in a negative manner when mixed.
  • Always stick to one brand once you get acquainted with it. Mixing inks would then be an easy job.
  • Always go for good quality inks, research for the manufacturers of the ink.
  • Before purchasing always look for the ingredients of the ink, making it sure that they won’t be harmful to the skin.

Tattoo-kits is a tattoo machine supplier that also offers quality ink at the affordable prices. The tattoo artists always advised to choose the kits that are safe and harmless. At tattoo-kits you will find safe and quality products. The inks are available in sets as well as individual bottles of single color. A complete set of 54 bottles and 40 bottles of 0.16 OZ is available at the online store that can be treated as a beginner’s kit, if the artist wants to get familiar with the colors and their patterns when mixed.

You can even find 14 and 7 pack of colors of 0.5 OZ bottles of primary colors, the pack of 10 and 20 bottles, individual bottles of the tattoo inks and many more. You just need to grab the quality product for the better results on your skin.