M2M technology is much more than just Smart Meters.

The roll-out of a new Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology on a commercial scale will soon force your company to deliver a better, more cost-efficient service.

“There’s a danger that everyone is getting too focused on Smart Meters. M2M is a far bigger opportunity than that,” says Steve McNally of Bluefish Professional Services.

M2M technology essentially enables two-way communication making it far more possible to collect data and use the information gathered to offer a better, more competitive service to your customers.

This M2M technology can be networked by Vodafone, the leader in this field. Their latest M2M Utilities Insights gives exclusive opinions from several experts across Europe within the industry.

M2M delivers the data you need to balance supply and demand so that consumers get what they need when they need it.

View the Vodafone Insights Guide here.

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Lia Banton
Marketing Manager M2M
Vodafone M2M