Top Ten Time Management Software Program: New version released

Efficient Sticky Notes comes from Efficient Software which is a software library for personal information, time and task management. Generally, Efficient Sticky Notes serves as a time scheduler, meeting reminder and task organizer for users. Besides, small to medium businesses could share notes, assign tasks, synchronize data and track task progress with Efficient Sticky Notes Network.

Efficient Software has made a lot of improvements in this upgrade, especially for network edition. Including network users could backup their database files automatically or manually in a much easier way, Nat Mapping of Efficient Organizer Server will not be deleted under any circumstances and solved the problem that users may exit Efficient Organizer Server by mistakes and so on. Furthermore, the technique team has fixed several bugs as well, such as when users create a new task, and add a label for this task. However, this label can’t be showed in Task list; sometimes, users can’t open their broken files and much more. At last, Efficient Sticky Notes has added a new language – Slovak this time.

Efficient Sticky Notes is designed by Paul Zhang who is a professional engineer of Efficient Software, and he says, “I just want to help people work with high efficiency, so I designed this software. Generally, time and task management will be much easier for most people if they work with Efficient Sticky Notes. Firstly, they can make a to-do list ahead of time, such as daily plan, weekly plan and monthly plan. And then, they can devote themselves to what they are doing now and will no longer think about other trivial matters any more. Then, people could cross the completed tasks out and hide them from the task list.”

“Besides, there is no need for users to worry about information safety” says Paul, “On one hand, password protection is supported. Thus, their privacy will not be peeped by others. On the other hand, users are able to recover their mistakenly deleted data in Recycle Bin of this software.”

About Efficient Software
Efficient Software has a long history from 2005 and it provides several organizer software tools in total. At the outset, those programs are designed to offer a better organized life for users. And they always do a good job from 2005 to nowadays. The biggest features of software programs from Efficient Software are help users manage contacts, to-do lists, diaries, meetings, work notes and so on.

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