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Nollywood receives NGN 2bn boost from President Goodluck Jonathan, reports Nigeria Connection

Nollywood receives NGN 2bn boost from President Goodluck Jonathan, with Nigeria Connection writing that government wants to invest in future

Entertainment website Nigeria Connection has revealed that President Goodluck Jonathan has given the country’s movie industry an NGN 2bn grant in order to build for the future.

Jonathan is in the midst of a presidential campaign and the move is likely to drum up support in the entertainment industry, known as Nollywood, states the online entertainment outlet.

Nigeria Connection says that the president told practitioners in the industry that the investment is to go towards areas such as fighting piracy, protecting intellectual property and improving the quality of the videos it puts out. The project also aims to increase the production and distribution of movies both inside and outside the West African country.

The news website also reports that a number of Nollywood stars, including actress Rita Dominic, have already voiced their support for the incumbent president in the upcoming elections, which are to take place on 28 March.

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