CNN uncovers the wonders of travelling to Iceland’s Westfjords

CNN’s travel website has recently uncovered the wonders of Iceland’s Westfjords, highlighting a selection of the area’s greatest sights.

According to the article, written by Jonah Flicker, the Westfjords is roughly a six hours’ drive from Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city, and is the country’s most remote region.Driving the twisting routes of Westfjord’s wind- and snow-whipped mountain passes is an exciting and rewarding experience.

As part of the article, Flicker points out a selection of unique landmarks and sights in the area, including Isafjordur, Bolungarvik, the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft, and Raudasandur.

Isafjordur is the Westfjords’ most notable town, and is noted as being a great, well-equipped area for visitors.

Bolungarvik is small community just north of Isafjordur, which, according to Flicker, feels like it’s at the edge of the world, with stunning and dramatic views of snow-covered plateaus and mountains.

For those in search of the macabre, the Westfjords is home to the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft, which showcases Iceland’s most bizarre artifacts, including ‘necropants’. ‘Necropants’ are a pair of trousers apparently made from human skin that were said to grant the wearer financial success.

Lastly, Raudasandur is a red sand beach that stretches for 10 kilometres along the southern shore of the Westfjords. The beach has been noted for its natural beauty and tranquil location.

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