Norway’s Statoil invests in new technology for oil and gas benefits

Norway’s Statoil invests in new technology for oil and gas benefitsNorway’s Statoil has been investing heavily in fracking exploration technology recently in an effort to boost efficiency on both environmental and financial grounds.

In recent years, the process of hydraulic fracturing has revolutionised the extractive industry. The technology has revitalised the US’s energy prospects and offered a better promise of economic prosperity to regions across the globe.

According to Statoil’s Elin Isaksen, “Fossil fuels will play a major and necessary part of the energy mix for a long period of time. Our goal is to extract these resources in the most energy – and carbon efficient – way possible.”

With the launch of a huge underwater compressor, Statoil’s began its efforts to tap huge gas reserves worth an estimated $30bn began last week 125 miles off Norway’s coast. If successful, it should allow gas to be retrieved at half the energy cost it would otherwise have required.

As these new explorations continue and the oil and gas industry continue to expand, Norwegian companies are looking for talented individuals to join their teams. Many oil companies are recruiting foreign talent through, an online recruitment website that posts daily job vacancies in the local oil and gas industry.

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