A comprehensive travel resource to Myanmar

Go-Myanmar.com announces the official launch of the first comprehensive and continually updated Myanmar (Burma) travel resource.

Go-Myanmar.com (www.go-myanmar.com)has been created with the goal of simplifying travel in Myanmar for visitors to this emerging – and often challenging – country. Solid, up-to-the-minute information on places of interest, pricing, where to stay and how to get around is notoriously difficult to find, and even the latest travel books are by their nature out of date for such a fast-changing place.

“Until now, finding out about travel in Myanmar has involved trawling through dozens of blogs and forums, or hoping that your guide book is still correct,” notes Marcus Allender, founder of Go-Myanmar.com. “This website has been created to address that need, with a wealth of continually updated country-wide information, photos and travel advice.”

All of Go-Myanmar.com is free to access, and provides for a wide range of visitors. It features:
– Comprehensive destination information (www.go-myanmar.com/destinations) that is updated on a day-to-day basis, including the accessibility of border regions and remote parts of the country.
– Dedicated ’getting there’ pages for all featured destinations around Myanmar. These include custom designed transport maps; detailed timetables for air, bus, train and boat routes; and online transport booking facilities.
– Online booking for all types of domestic travel (including plane, bus, train and boat tickets) and tours for a range of budgets (follow one of our suggested itineraries or create your own custom tour).
– Search functionality (by location and price) for over 400 hotels and guesthouses around the country – providing phone, email and website details (where available).
– Information and travel tips (www.go-myanmar.com/essentials-information-and-tips) section with regularly updated advice on currency and exchange; telephone and internet; visas; electricity and shortages; safe travel; and much more.

Dedicated blogs covering different aspects of the Myanmar travel experience.
Together with beautiful location photography and excellent writing by Myanmar-based contributors from the UK, US, Australia, Germany and Israel, in addition to Myanmar locals, Go-Myanmar.com provides a unique resource to help discover and organise your trip to this fascinating country.