Drainage company launches new website

A leading drainage company in London, Jetrough has launched a new website built around their specialist drainage equipment. The new site focuses on pipelining and drain cleaning, the two services in which Jethrough is aiming to specialise.

Jethrough plans to attract both domestic and business customers through the site. Jethrough’s owner, Kevin Bunn, has 27 years’ experience in relining drains. Much of his work has taken place in the UK, but he has also been employed in Singapore, Hong Kong, the Middle-East, as well as in Belgium, Holland and other European countries.

Jethrough aims to encourage more and more companies and organisations to have their drains cleaned every six months, which can be completed in a basic two-hour visit.

“We’re happy to have the new site up and running, as it showcases our services and our shared experience in the industry,” said Kevin Bunn, founder of Jethrough. “We want to put our services out there for more and more companies to take advantage of, as drain cleaning is incredibly important from a health and safety perspective. If your drains are blocked or beginning to fail, getting them cleaned or replaced is essential to avoid disruption-we offer highly competitive rates and unbeatable service.”

For more information on Jethrough, visit www.jethrough.com or call free on 0800 046 7868.