Core Dental’s Dr. Orth Explains Why the NTI Splint May Relieve Migraine Headaches

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders have been determined to account for a vast majority of otherwise unexplained facial, mouth and head pain. Up to three fourths of Americans have one or more signs of a temporomandibular problem, 90 percent of which are made up of women, according to a recent study.

Dr. Orth of Calgary’s Core Dental offers the revolutionary NTI splint which can provide protection from painful TMJ disorders by keeping the jaw in a more natural position, thereby relaxing it. According to Dr. Orth the NTI splint can prevent teeth from grinding together by separating the back teeth and making it so the front teeth are only slightly touching. This position will diminish clenching and grinding, and ultimately help to relieve jaw, facial and head pain in patients.

Often TMJ disorders will lead to migraine headaches—the NTI splint has now become the top non-medicinal method to treat migraine headaches. The splint allows for muscle relaxation of the facial muscles with concurrent relaxation of all muscles of the head and neck .This powerful appliance is small, easily worn (usually at night only) and allows dentists to determine the cause of migraine symptoms. “It also allows us to determine, in a totally reversible manner, were the precise problem may be,” says Dr. Kim Orth.

Core Dental and Dr. Orth have been using the appliance for more than 6 years and have seen astounding changes in a number of patients.

Dr. Orth provides extensive patient education at the initial consultation for any of these procedures.

If you are experiencing TMJ related migraines or facial and jaw pain contact Dr. Orth at Core Dental today. Dr. Orth practices at Core Dental in downtown Calgary, and interested parties are encouraged to find out more at

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Dr. Kim Orth is a General Dentist practicing in Downtown Calgary. A member of the Alberta Dental Association, the Canadian Dental Association, and a graduate of the Alberta Dental School, Dr. Orth practices at Core Dental, located on the fourth floor of the Core Shopping Centre (formerly known as the Eaton Centre).Core Dental can be reached at 403.265.5724 or

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