Embedded V.90 Modem Software for Data Transmission

GAO Research Inc. (www.GAOResearch.com) recommends its V.90 modem software implementing the V.90 ITU-T recommendation for modems that can connect at data rates of up to 56 kbps. This standard specifies a pair of high-speed modems, one digital and the other analog, which are designed for Internet use. 

This V.90 modem software utilizes two modems: a digital modem with a maximum bit rate of 56 kbps for transmitting and 33.6 kbps for receiving; an analog modem with a maximum bit rate of 56 Kbps for receiving and 33.6 kbps for transmitting. It uses V.34 modulation in the upstream direction and PCM modulation in the downstream direction at the rate of 8000 symbols/s. 

This software provides synchronous data signaling rates in the downstream direction from 28000 bps to 56000 bps in increments of 8/6 kbps. Adaptive techniques are used so that the modems can achieve the maximum data signaling rates that the channel can support. In addition, in order to establish the data signaling rate, use of V.8 procedure and exchange of rate sequences are both necessary and important.

This V.90 modem software belongs to GAO’s family of Soft Modems. Other featured products in this line include V.21 Low Speed Modem Software which implements the ITU V.21 recommendation for speeds up to 300bps for use in the GSTN; V.32bis/V.32 Modem Software which is adapted for a variety of sampling rates such as 9600 Hz or 7200Hz and is designed to process data in 10ms intervals; and V.44 Data Compression Software.

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