Virtual Drive Extends High End & Secure Cloud services at Affordable Rates

The online business sites looking for credible cloud backup need not look further. Virtual Drive, the leading cloud company has declared to present high end and secure cloud services. The firm assured inexpensive rates as well.

Virtual Drive is the pioneer of cloud computing operating since 1999. The firm is ready to cater to any size of office, IT or server environment but has a special focus on small scale businesses online.

“We are the 1st company to provide completely safe cloud ‘Basic IT’ solutions. We mainly focus on helping small businesses who lack the expertise and budget to come up with a reliable and secured IT solution. With our cloud-based service, the small scale business would be able to setup & manage premium IT system easily leading to enhanced productivity and at dramatically lower costs”, said the spokesperson, adding that their client companies won’t need to alter their present business application to avail the Virtual Drive services.

The firm is equipped to support the client companies with a broad range of IT systems such as remote file server, data backup software, email servers, web servers and FTP servers. All the business would need the “Basic IT Solution” from Virtual Drive for an effective operation.

The firm has their services engineered to be extremely scalable. These would allow one group-account administrator to create more number of group & sub-group administrators, guest users and regular users, up till 10,000 users. Their Virtual Drive solution is able to back up numerous files & data zettabytes with great security, convenience and reliability.

“We assure you of easy file share and secured data storage. Our storage servers are fully redundant and are safeguarded by encryption. It’s good to know that your data will always be more reliable and secure with us than in your own PC”, added the spokesperson.

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