Save Upwards of Fifty Percent on a Solar Power Kit for your Home or Business

MaxA great growth area for solar energy system designer and installer, Simple Energy Works, involves selling custom photovoltaic (PV) solar system kits online throughout the United States to solar Do It Yourselfers and Contractors. All a person needs to do is contact Simple Energy Works, and they will figure out exactly what PV solar system is needed for the location and provide the customer with a fully customized, premium quality, turn-key, state-of-the-art solar system which is often fifty to sixty percent less than the average solar system price.

According to Simple Energy Works solar kit customer, Ted Polczynski, “Randy Velker at Simple Energy Works was very helpful. After purchasing a 1.84 kW photovoltaic solar system kit that features seven 235 watt Schott Solar modules from Simple Energy Works, the solar power kit was very easy to install. I had to call Randy with a question, and our problem was solved 1,2,3! Now I’m expanding our system three fold to a 4.9 kW system, and Simple Energy Works will definitely get our business again!”

Ted and Denise Polczynski bought a solar system kit from Simple Energy Works and did the installation on a weekend with the help of some friends. They hired a local electrician to do the final connection to the electrical grid. The Polczynski’s are participants in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) generation partners program and have locked in a contract with TVA for the next 10 years at $.12 above retail per kW hour for all the energy produced by their PV solar system.

Today, solar is more accessible and affordable than ever. The prices are dropping and the cost of a complete solar system has been reduced dramatically. China has invested over $30 billion dollars into their solar manufacturing businesses, and as a result, have begun delivering solar modules at a significantly lower price. This is like a huge solar subsidy for the American consumer. They are delivering modules at half of what the market cost was just a few years ago. This downward price war has caused all of the American solar module producers to “sharpen their pencils” just to stay in the game. The prices of American Made modules are therefore also significantly reduced.

On top of the dropping solar panel prices, Simple Energy Works offers new services and technologies to make a solar system much more affordable. With the help of a full service supplier, like Simple Energy Works, who provides the needed technical support, AC electricians and homeowners are finding it possible to easily install a solar system kit and save thousands on the labor and solar components. Because of improved technologies like Enphase microinverters, Schott solar panels, and complete bundled solar kits, a solar install is now in the reach of most people in the United States.

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