Air pollution effects and simple ways to reduce exposure to it

 According to a new review air pollution may make your appendix burst and the pollution could also cause heart failure. Researchers analyzed 35 pollution studies and found that increasingly higher levels of nitrogen and sulphur dioxide, particulate matter and carbon monoxide; the dust that pollutants and toxins cling to were all associated with more cases of heart failure in localized areas.

Breathing all those fumes has been shown to raise blood pressure, kick up your heart rate, and constrict your blood vessels, adding up to more strain on your heart. You can reduce your exposure to it by using simple steps:

• Clean your vents: The lint and dust hanging around in your vents absorb pollutants from the air and deliver that toxin straight to your body if inhaled. Wipe down the vent covers using a damp cloth.
• Replace your filter: If you have a forced air heating or an air conditioning system in your home, which is somewhere near the fan that blows air is a filter. So replace it regularly.
• Used a bagged vacuum: Bagless vacuums are more convenient when cleaning, but they’re not the best for your health.
• Throw out old cleaning supplies: Almost all household chemicals contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Some of those compounds are secure, but some are highly toxic and can even cause cancer in large enough doses. There are chances that you may have a stockpile of old drain uncloggers, floor polish, spray cleaners, and everything else you used once then forgot to toss.
• Don’t sit besides the copy machine: The biggest source of ozone (linked to appendicitis) in your life is probably the copier and printer in your office.

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