Cosmetics like lipstick and lip gloss increase the risk of stomach tumor due to the metals found in it

Lipsticks and lip glosses contain cadmium, lead, aluminum, chromium, and five other toxic metals; a few amongst all are at levels that could raise potential health concerns. The research was conducted by experts who analyzed 32 different lipsticks and glosses commonly sold in drugstores and department stores.

Although studies in the past have detected metals in cosmetics, the new report by analyzing the concentration of the metals found and users’ possible daily intake of the metals estimated the risk. Special concern is given to lipstick and lip gloss because the products are gradually ingested or absorbed by the person wearing them. Based on usage data reported in a prior report, the researchers in the new study developed definitions for high and average use of lip makeup.

Average use was defined as an ingestion of 24 milligrams of lip makeup each day, while high use was defined as ingestion of 87 milligrams each day. People who “slather on” lipstick and reapply it multiple times throughout the day are more likely to fall under the high use group. Using acceptable daily intakes obtained from this report, average use of some glosses and lipsticks would lead to excessive exposure to chromium – a carcinogen associated with stomach tumors.

High use of these cosmetics could lead to overexposure to aluminum, cadmium, and manganese as well, and over time exposure to high concentrations of manganese has been associated with toxicity in the nervous system. They believed that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) should pay attention to this.

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